Miranda Lambert Admits Being “Nervous” About Being So Honest In New Music

Published on August 4, 2016.
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For the past year, country superstar Miranda Lambert has been hard at work focusing on herself and her music, and is finally ready to step back into the spotlight with her new music.

The 32-year-old singer spent a lot of time writing and recording following her divorce from Blake Shelton, and in a new interview with Billboard, she reveals she is going to let some of her new music explain everything she’s been through. “I’m nervous as h–l” she said of releasing the new music including her newest “tear-in-your beer song,” “Vice.”

“I’ve been hunkered down for a year writing, recording, trying to live a normal life and getting ready for a new album. No one’s heard from me. I’ve been pretty silent all this time,” she said of the process of getting past the divorce with her music.

“[It] takes a lot of confidence and strength to be willing to be vulnerable,” she told the mag. “And I feel like when you listen to this song, there’s really nothing to read into. It says what it says. Everybody has a vice. Everybody goes through a time in their life when they run to it a little bit more than when they don’t. When I’m journaling my life and putting it on paper to a melody and then allowing people to hear it, I can’t worry about what somebody might twist it into, because it’s not like I’m hiding anything.”

She added, “And now that I’m coming with a song, it does make me nervous, and I hope that people are respectful of it and understand what I’ve been doing. But I’ve never hidden anything or tried to be too mysterious. I’m pretty straightforward in my music. I always have been, and that hasn’t changed. With my songwriting, it’s taking a journey with what’s been going on in my everyday life – good, bad, ugly and everything in between. I feel like the right thing to do was just come out with something really honest.”

Along with her new music, Lambert is also enjoying her new relationship with boyfriend Anderson East, and it will be interesting to see how that new relationship plays into her new songs.


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