Patrick Dempsey Accidentally Gets Into An Awkward Conversation On Australian TV

Published on August 22, 2016.
Source: E! Online

Patrick Dempsey may need to brush up on his Australian slang a little bit more!

The handsome former Grey’s Anatomy star appeared on Australian morning TV on the Sunday broadcast of Australia’s Today, but the conversation took an awkward turn.

Dempsey along with his Bridget Jones’ Baby co-star Renee Zellweger were on the morning show in promotion of the film, and were encouraged to try out an Aussie accent. Zellweger went straight for it, but instead of trying it out, Dempsey began talking about his knowledge of Australian slang. “Traveller. Traveller’s a beer you travel with right?” Dempsey innocently said. Right away the hosts starting laughing and co-host Richard Wilkins gently stated, “You aren’t supposed to say that.”

Unfortunately, Dempsey doesn’t know his slang too well, and instead of a “beer you take with you,” a “traveller” in Aussie terms is an erection that ┬ámale gets while riding public transportation. As the hosts just laughed, Dempsey remained confused asking, “What’s a traveller? Have I alienated everyone in the country?” and Wilkins said, “All the blokes who are watching are sitting upright now.” Although the topic fell away for a bit, Dempsey couldn’t let go that he had said something wrong and once again asked, “what the heck is a traveller?” and finally Wilkins whispered in his ear so that the audience couldn’t hear, prompting an embarrassed Dempsey to state, “Oh, excuse me.”

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