Who Did Chris Choose On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

Published on March 10, 2015. Updated June 5, 2018

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After yet another drama-filled season of The Bachelor, wholesome, handsome farmboy Chris Soules narrowed down his pool of potential loves to only two girls, fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff and chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley.

In the end however there is only one rose left and Chris popped the question to Whitney to no surprise of the audience as it was obvious from early on the episode Becca would be going home. Becca was unable to tell Chris that she loved him and could not even confirm she was ready to commit to a life together, making the obvious choice Whitney who is not only beautiful but successful and very open about her love for Chris.

The big moment for Chris and Whitney took place in his very own family barn, where he raised his first pig of course, “Probably one of the best days of my life was when we got to crash a wedding together, and I was like holy cow, this woman is perfect for me,” Chris told her.

“And being able to have you here today and being able to have you here in Iowa and meeting my family and seeing how they reacted to you… It’s not work for us. It’s natural, and it’s like we both want the same thing, and it feels so right, and it feels so perfect, and that’s what I want for the rest of my life. I love you,” he stated before getting on one knee and asking “Will you marry me?”

Chris recently confirmed that he and Whitney are still together but “aren’t really there yet” when it comes to getting married, although host Chris Harrison believes they will, but you never can tell:

“At the end of the show, he was in love with somebody, but what happens after that is life and now they have to deal with the real world problems and real issues and that’s the messy part.”

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