Amber Rose And Khloe Kardashian In Major Social Media Feud

Published on February 17, 2015.
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Thanks to reality TV and social media, dramatics have increased quite a bit when it comes to celebrities in Hollywood. As the Kardashians are one of the most dramatic families in the spotlight right now, it is no surprise that at least one of them is in a heated social media feud.

It all started on Monday February 16 when Amber Rose, who used to date Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West, was asked about Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga’s relationship. Since Amber Rose is good friends with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna, Amber Rose was not shy about sharing her opinions on Jenner who is rumored to be dating Tyga even though he is 25 and she is 17.

Rose told Power 105.1, “She’s [Kylie] a baby, she needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax. That’s ridiculous. [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself. For sure. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.”

Right away Jenner’s half-sister Khloe Kardashian rushed to her sister’s defense taking to her Twitter, referencing Amber Rose’s past as a stripper to not be giving advice to her Kylie. “‘I was a stripper since I was 15 years old,’ Amber Rose told Foxx. Please don’t worry about my sister who has a career & her shit together at ONLY 17 people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. (1),” Kardashian tweeted.

She continued with, “Please stop talking about us in interviews mama. None of us talk about you,” and went on to explain how they do not know each other and would never comment on someone she doesn’t know, “I’m not passing judgment but I wish others would do the same until they have FACTS.”

Rose responded heatedly in a tweet that has since been deleted, “@khloekardashian I’m happy u brought up the fact I was a stripper at 15… I’ll be that lil whore to support my family like ur older sister is a whore 2 support hers. We’re even #MuvaGivesFacts #DontPanic.”

Rose did not stop there however, she dragged Kanye West in to it by uploading memes to her twitter page featuring the rapper and wrote, “I’m so sick of these plastic a– hoes bullying ppl cuz they got the media outlets on payroll. Shears weak af.”

She then got very personal with her attacks, by bringing up the rumor that Khloe Kardashian’s father is actually O.J. Simpson, “U think because ur dad was a professional football player that got away with murder ur better than me girl? Haaaannnnn?” before finally writing, “I’m done dragging this b-tch. Lesson of the day children please don’t try Muva cuz I will humble u.”

For the time being Kardashian has stopped responding, so only time will tell if she will be able to take the high road against Rose’s harsh attacks on herself and her family.

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